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Transparent Interactive Progress Reporting

Share the excitement of the construction process with us!
Comprehensive project management and real-time collaboration tools to create an effective customer service environment for up to date productivity reporting.

We provide our customers with online Project Reporting as our commitment to service. What we offer for free to our customers, our competition can't match even with their most concerted efforts. We have integrated real-time interactive project progress reporting, with dependent environmental weather updates. We have built a virtual project room that allows our customers to view online the working progress of their custom built mobile home and cabin.

We have combined project management, collaboration, status reporting, document management and communication services to create a unique environment for customers. All you need to run your project and interact with our team are in one easy to use facility and we offer it free.

Now not only do you receive a proposed plan of the project at the outset, but you will also view online progress photos of each stage at your leisure and have the opportunity to interact with us on all project dependencies including the weather and materials.

Our customers love it. Harnessing todays technology to bring customer service into the future. Call us today to discuss our interactive reporting system and how it will work for you.


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Last updated: 30/04/2014