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Transportable Homes suitable for Caravan parks

We know that communication is the key...
We understand that by asking us to support you on your journey, you are placing an enormous level of trust in us..

A lot of clients ask us if our transportable homes and cabins are suitable for caravan parks, Caravan parks have standardized and none standardized blocks, it’s a good idea to have the location organised or ask us to organised a block for you.

Not only are our units designed to impress, but they are also designed to be functional both for the end user and the park operator, minimising maintenance costs by designing the unit for the task it is to perform, rather than being a generic unit which you have to try and fit to your park.

Residential Relocatable Home design Innovation

Granny flats and residential transportable homes require permits, we can provide foundations, plumbing and power services also. Because of our special durable frame our designs are not limited by the way that cabins and relocatable homes have been built in the past; we accept the challenge to be different, innovative and to move the manufacture of relocatable accommodation into the tomorrow.

We offer ranges of accommodation to suit the varying demands within caravan parks, resorts, bed and breakfast, farm stays, etc. For information, contact Glen who is happy to help.

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Last updated: 30/04/2014